Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Creation Ministries : The ministry of Evangelist Ram Babu

New Creation Ministries is a ministry that takes the gospel of Lord Jesus to the entire world.New Creation Ministries has a strong vision to win one million souls each year through conducting crusades at our own expenses or by the invitation of the local church and the saved to be the part of the local church.New Creation Ministries is reaching out with the teaching of the Lord Jesus to all the nations through tapes, magazines & books.
Bro Ram Babu is the founder president of New Creation Ministries which is being used by the Lord Jesus to literally transform millions to become His new creations.Out standing healings,signs and wonders happen through the ministry of Bro Ram Babu which attests the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Ram Babu is always passionate in preaching Jesus especially in places where others dare not to go.He is a much sought after evangelist and conference speaker.Having gone to over 30 nations till now,Bro Ram Babu is pressing on to see the nations saved and changed.


  1. Ram

    I stumbled onto your blog and I praise God for doing so;. I saw you preach at Grapevine (Lincoln) a couple of years ago or so and look forward to hearing how your ministry is going.

    God bless


  2. Just had flashbacks of your testimony - when you gave your life to Jesus - why not post this on your blog?


  3. Hi Rambabu,

    I met you inUK. I requested you to pray for me for Kidney ailment and you prayed for me. I am praying daily and waiting of Lord Jesus to touch me an dheam me.

  4. my name is samuel from india. i doing the indipent church ministries
    past 12 year in india.i have 20 branches churches establish of
    diffrent of places in india. by god grace praise god want to your
    fellowship.i seen your ministries website i like the your fellowship.i
    will jion to your organestion. presently 10 missionaries doing the
    irgm ministreis various of villages in had for our missionary
    ministries in to your organestion. pl welcome to india visit to our
    ministries area. i will arranges a gospel meetings next pray
    and reply me. pl visit to our ministries web site; our
    vision is 1000 churches plant for our nation thankyou in christ
    1,1000 churches plant for our nation only.
    2,1000 missionaries send to throughout india.
    3,will be start orphanage
    4,will be start out reach clinic(for free treatment)
    5,will be start bible collage
    6,will be start pastors fellowship(for every month)
    7,poor helps(handicapped,widows,leprosy)
    8,every month free eye camp.

  5. respected brother,
    I'm Meera mohan from Kerala which named as God's own country.I had read one of ur book which inspired me a lot. I'm also belong to Hindu family but god's grace i became to kow him.My dad is against to my faith. And i really need ur help . Plz give me ur replay.
    with love
    Meera Mohan

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  7. Hi, Ram babu you are a real man of God,when you preach the word of God, God speaks through you to all peoples, when you were i Delhi i was in your meeting which was four days,i saw all miracles which God did through you and i blessed with my family from the word of God. God bless you..

  8. Hi Ram babu brother,
    im very happy to share with my personals.because your my guide and you are my BEST FRIEND in the world.because i dont have friends in the world to share my feeling and and pains and good news also.

    im completed my M.C.A-2007.But still i didnt get any job still now.recently i joined in one company as a many years i wating for job anna.please guide me which field i search a job. no one can't give me a job based on original resume.then how can i get it anna.
    please anna pray for me.when u will pray and bless me then my life will turned into god life.
    one more thing my past life is not good not obey god words.but i confessed about my sin and daily i pray to god.please forgive me lord .
    when u will pray about my self god will show you and tell you how much i did stupid things.

    please pray for me anna.i want change my life in to god's life.
    god will forgive me or not..
    please ask about my self anna.
    love you so much my dear brother anna.
    love you anika darling and ankith darling and sister(your beloved wife) also.

    my mail id:

  9. Luke 6:12
    It was at this time that He went off to the mountain to pray, and He spent the whole night in prayer to God.
    Daniel raj prayer

  10. My name Pancham Bairwa m from MP Chambal area, m not able to hear with my right side ear , so please pray for me, this is my request please please pray that lord may touch my ear, m a translator and follower of Christ Jesus,

  11. Please pray for my son and his house. After husband died in 2014 (UK), his father's sister Susan,came over ( Holland), to the funeral, has stolen his house deeds and files and has made a will that says, to evict him and sell the house. after 4 years his solicitor has authorised susan's solicitor to sell the house. My son now 20 is scared and has given up. please pray that he will not be evicted, house will not be sold and for victory in every area of this situation.